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Find a co-founder, build a startup

Bringing together the most talented engineers, domain experts and commercial minds to find their co-founder and build their startup from scratch

Applications closed June 18th

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  • Ambition

    You're a self-starter and can motivate others to join your mission

  • Commitment

    You are resilient and your source of energy never runs low

  • Gets Stuff Done

    Not only can you problem solve, you can create momentum at pace

  • Outlier

    You stand out from your peers, and are willing to go against the grain

Founder Stories

From tech sales to sales tech

After 7 years of selling and managing global B2B sales teams, Aisling saw a gap in the tools provided and wanted to build a solution that actually solved the very real problems sales teams had.

Aisling met Adrien her co-founder, a highly experienced CTO, and together they built Krinu, a salestech company that superpowers WhatsApp for sales teams.

Meet our Mentors

A network of renowned engineers, entrepreneurs, and investors ready to provide unparalleled support to launch you into your founder journey

We believe strong co-founder teams are one of the most critical determinants of startup success. We want to bring together those exceptional people who may never have met.

Patrick Walsh // CEO & Founder dogpatchlabs logo

Phase 1:

Sep - Dec 2023

  • Find a Co-Founder

    Find your co-founder, ideate fast, and build, build, build!

    • 40+ Founders
    • 50+ Mentors
    • €2k Monthly Grant
  • Phase 2:

    Jan - Mar 2024

  • €100k Investment

    Take your startup to the next level with expert mentorship and investor readiness

    • Investor readiness
    • 10% equity stake
    • Showcase with top-tier investors
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    Find a co-founder, build a startup


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