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Find a co-founder, build a startup

Bringing together the most talented engineers, domain experts and commercial minds to find their co-founder and build their startup from scratch

Applications open May 2024

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  • Ambition

    You're a self-starter and can motivate others to join your mission

  • Commitment

    You are resilient and your source of energy never runs low

  • Gets Stuff Done

    Not only can you problem solve, you can create momentum at pace

  • Outlier

    You stand out from your peers, and are willing to go against the grain

Founder Stories


Having led strategic initiatives to drive the global expansion of UK and Irish startup/scale-up tech companies over her career, Aisling had the itch to create her own startup and joined Founders Talent Accelerator.

Through Founders, Aisling met her cofounder, Kingsley Kelly, an seasoned engineer with over a decade of experience as a lead engineer with Google and Web Summit. Together they have combined their expertise to build GlitchAds, an innovative software solution for the automation, creation and ongoing optimization of digital advertising campaigns.

Meet our Mentors

A network of renowned engineers, entrepreneurs, and investors ready to provide unparalleled support to launch you into your founder journey

We believe strong co-founder teams are one of the most critical determinants of startup success. We want to bring together those exceptional people who may never have met.

Patrick Walsh // CEO & Founder dogpatchlabs logo

Phase 1:

Sep - Dec 2024

  • Find a Co-Founder

    Find your co-founder, ideate fast, and build, build, build!

    • 40+ Founders
    • 50+ Mentors
    • €2k Monthly Grant
  • Phase 2:

    Jan - Mar 2025

  • €100k Investment

    Take your startup to the next level with expert mentorship and investor readiness

    • Investor readiness
    • 10% equity stake
    • Showcase with top-tier investors
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    Find a co-founder, build a startup


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